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Coach & Administrator PWP Requirements

In order to keep our rugby-playing kids safe, there are a number of requirements for coaches & administrators to meet, with regard to the different elements of the Player Welfare Program.  Please read these carefully and ensure that you are complying with them, as there are now sanctions being implemented when these safety requirements are not met.

1.  Requirement:  Matches must be listed in the MatchApt system AT LEAST ONE (1) MONTH IN ADVANCE.
The bulk of this requirement falls on SCYR - we will enter all complete league schedules into MatchApt, including any planned non-league matches.
However, Coaches are responsible for entering any friendlies or non-league matches not part of the main schedule, including pre-season matches.  DO NOT wait for exact match time if you don’t have it right away but DO enter at least the home team and the location AT LEAST ONE MONTH IN ADVANCE.

Need assistance?  Email Gavin Beaudry:

Sanction:  There is no SCYR sanction on this requirement, however, matches NOT in the system at least 1 month out will NOT have ATC scheduling priority and stand a good chance of NOT being covered.  

2.  Requirement:  Match time and location must be entered into MatchApt AT LEAST TWO (2) WEEKS IN ADVANCE.
The Home coach or administrator is responsible for ensuring that the specific time and location have been added to the match by two weeks out AT THE LATEST!  Again, this is so ATVantage can secure an ATC to cover your match.

Reminder:  Due to a continued referee shortage, high school and club U14 and older matches must be scheduled on Friday night (High School league), Saturday morning before 11am, or Saturday after 3pm.  Matches scheduled between 11am and 3pm on Saturdays are unlikely to be assigned a referee.

Need assistance?  Email Gavin Beaudry:

Sanction:  If match time and location are not in MatchApt at least 2 weeks in advance:  1st occurrence = warning, 2nd occurrence = team becomes ineligible for playoffs.  This sanction is applicable EVEN IF AN ATC HAS BEEN ASSIGNED - they still need to know where to go and when to be there.

3.  Requirement:  Monday Protocol
SCYR has established the Monday protocol in order to reduce the number of unnecessary instances of referees and athletic trainers showing up for scheduled matches that do not take place or for matches that have been changed without informing them and/or updating the system. This protocol ensures that Home coaches are consistently following the same ATC and referee check-in process each week that they host. 


  1. Coaches who are hosting HOME games that week:

    1. REQUIRED: Check Referee and Athletic Trainer (ATC) assignments in MatchApt

    2. REQUIRED: Call/text referee to confirm (MUST have response or follow up with allocator)
      [To get referee contact info, login to MatchApt, go to your Schedule page and click on the referee name, a box will open with their contact info OR go to this page and click on the Contact Info tab:  ]

    3. REQUIRED: Call/text athletic trainer to confirm (MUST have response or follow up with allocator)
      [To get ATC contact info, login to MatchApt, go to your Schedule page and click on the ATC name, a box will open with their contact info OR go to this page and click on the Contact tab:  ]

    4. REQUIRED: Contact opposing coaches to confirm (MUST have response or follow up with SCYR)
      [To get Coach contact info, log into MatchApt, go to the Club/Details page and select the Club or HS in the list on the left, then find the correct team on the right and note the Head & Assistant coaches and their contact info ]

    5. Recommended: Log into InjureFree and check injury reports

  2. Coaches who are AWAY that week:

    1. REQUIRED: Respond to opposing coaches to confirm

    2. Recommended: Log into InjureFree and check injury reports


3.5 Changes, Cancellations & Late Adds
Changes:  If you have unexpected changes to your match (eg time, date, location, etc. due to loss of field or other similar), email the ATC and Referee Allocators immediately to let them know, along with the assigned ATC and Referee.  Be sure to enter the updated time/location/date in MatchApt as well and make a note in the Description field of why the change has occurred. 

It is important to understand that ATCs are allocated to locations, not teams, so there is no guarantee that the currently assigned ATC can move to the new time or location or date.  The allocator will do their best to find a replacement if the ATC cannot make the new time/date/location but they cannot guarantee coverage for last minute changes.

       ATC Allocator:  Amanda Gonzalez

      Referee Allocators:  Bert Moeller
                                          Mark Richards

Cancellations:  If you need to cancel a match, DO NOT DELETE the match in the system!  Write CANCELLED in the Description field and notify the assigned ATC and referee.   Best practice is to also notify the allocators.

Late Adds:  If you are hoping to add a match after the 1 month deadline, contact the ATC Allocator Amanda Gonzalez (, give her the match information (date, time location) and ask what the likelihood of finding ATC coverage is.  If she thinks it's possible, add the match to MAPT and check back regularly to see if an ATC has been added - note that while they will try hard to find coverage, there is no guarantee.  If she does not think it is possible to find coverage, do not add or play the match.  USA Rugby's insurance does not cover matches played without designated medical coverage.

4.  Requirement:  Coaches & admins must complete pre-season concussion training
CA law requires that coaches and administrators of all youth sports must annually complete concussion training.  For SCYR, each competitive year all coaches must complete an online concussion module - you have/will receive an email from our vendor InjureFree inviting you to log in and complete the requirement.  Admins must read and sign the SCYR Admin Concussion Waiver - this can be done by logging into your MatchApt profile and electronically signing the document there (on the right, under your picture) or by printing, signing and uploading the document to your profile.  

Need assistance?  Email Elizabeth Michalak:

Sanction:  Any match played without a completed Head Coach’s concussion training will be declared a forfeit. 

5.  Requirement:  All teams must have a stocked med kit available at training and matches
The ATC assigned to your match will use the supplies in your med kit to treat injured athletes.  You can assemble your own med kits or, if you wish, purchase them from Southwest Athletic Training, who has made youth & HS rugby med kits available at a discount to SCYR members.  

More information is here:

Sanction:  If ATC reports that team did not have a med kit:  1st occurrence = warning, 2nd occurrence = match declared a forfeit

6.  Requirement:  Every team must submit an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) for every pitch/venue they regularly use
Coaches/admins should submit the required information on our EAP page:
SCYR then posts a PDF of the EAP on the EAP page, so it is available to coaches, admins and ATCs.

Sanction:  If a team is discovered to have hosted a match on a pitch without having submitted and EAP:  1st occurrence is a warning, 2nd occurrence match declared a forfeit

Need assistance?  Email Christine Mitchell, SCYR's Player Welfare Program Manager: