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U8-BU14 Competition Structure 2019/2020 Season


Player Welfare and Safety, along with growing the game, are the top priorities for Southern California Youth Rugby. Through our Player Welfare Program, SCYR has continually been at the forefront of driving safety in youth rugby in the United States. Enhancing this focus and in collaboration with our member clubs’, Southern California Youth Rugby has adopted Age/Weight parameters in the U10, U12 and U14 divisions for the upcoming 2019-2020 season.

The adoption of Age/weight categories is designed to create a safe and equitable playing environment for our young athletes. At the U10 and U12 age division, a maximum cap will be placed on the upper weight limit allowance for the divisions. In the U14 division, there will be two divisions, namely an “open” and a weight limited “light” division. 

In addition, the U8’s move from two-handed touch to Flag Rugby. Flag rugby will provide clarity in the playing rules and a safer environment for the players to be introduced to the game at the U8 level.

The full policy can be read below and also downloaded in PDF format.

NEW! U8 Flag

The Under 8s Rules of Play set out below will be adopted for the 2020 Southern California Youth Rugby “Youngers” season beginning in January. The adoption of flag provides clarity in the playing rules. Additionally, flag provides a safer playing environment as it eliminates players having the opportunity shove or push with two handed touch. 

Key elements of the new playing rules: 

  • Team Numbers: 7 v 7
  • Co-Ed
  • Playing time: 2 x 15 minute halves
  • Ball: Size 3
  • No Kicking
  • No scrums - Free pass is awarded to opposing team at the spot of the infraction
  • No Lineouts - Free pass is used to restart play at the point where the ball has gone out
  • Six flag pulls in row leads to a turnover in possession.

For the Full Version of the U8 Playing Rules please download the PDF Below

Preferred Flag Vendor:  David Hastings, 949-566-5582,

NEW! Youngers Age/Weight Structure


  • Weight:  Maximum Cap limit of 120 lbs
    • Older/lighter waiver available - less than 85 lbs and turned 10 before August 31, 2019
    • Max Cap Waiver - if an athlete is heavier than 120 lbs, but has an extenuating circumstance (such as first year player), a waiver can be submitted to remain in this bracket


  • Weight: Maximum Cap limit of 145 lbs
    • Older/lighter waiver available- less than 105 lbs and turned 12 before August 31, 2019
    • Max Cap Waiver - if an athlete is heavier than 145 lbs, but has an extenuating circumstance (such as first year player), a waiver can be submitted to remain in this bracket


  • Light division:  limit of 180 lbs
    • Older/lighter waiver available - less than 125 lbs and turned 14 before August 31, 2019
    • Max Cap Waiver - if athlete is heavier than 180 lbs, but has an extenuating circumstance (such as first year player), a waiver can be submitted to remain in this bracket
  • Open division:  No weight limits


Players having not weighed in

  1. Players registering after weight-in day or miss the designated weigh-in date:

    •  Players/clubs will need to contact SCYR staff and regional representative to set a time to have late registrants and those players who have missed the weight-ins get their official weight taken.

    • -Any player that has not been officially weighed in by a SCYR Official will not be allowed to play in any official games.

    • Any team caught playing a player that has not been officially weighed in by a SCYR Official will forfeit the game and may be subject to further sanctions. 


There will be the introduction of the Max Cap waiver. The intent of the new waiver is to allow players that are over the maximum weight limit but have physical or cognitive disabilities, and/or are over the weight limit but have not developed the playing skills to play at a higher level age group (i.e playing rugby for the first time) are candidates for the max cap waivers. Players that are over the weight limits can only go up one age group, i.e a U10 player cannot be pushed up to U14. In order for the waiver to be processed, the player will need to:

            1.) Register be fully SRO registered

            2.) Complete the Max Weight Cap waiver

            3.) Play in designated weight division until waiver has been approved/denied.

O/L Waivers - Current process and parameters will still apply with the exception that girls will no longer receive an additional year of eligibility.

Implementation Procedures

Athletes that will be competing in U10, U12 and U14 light divisions will weigh-in annually on the designated Weigh-In Day, which will take place on Saturday, December 14th, 2019 between 10:00am-4:00pm. Weigh- ins will occur in each region and be standardized to ensure there will be no variation between regions. SCYR will designate specific locations and Weight Program Officers that will coordinate the weigh in days for each region (Tri-counties, LA, OC & SD). 

The Minimum registration deadline is Friday, December 13th, 2019. All clubs registration minimums will be expected to be met on this date to ensure a smooth weigh-in and scheduling process that will follow. For players that register after the weigh-in date, the club will need to contact SCYR to be weighed in accordingly. Players will not be permitted to compete until they have completed the weigh-in procedure.

Weight Program Officers - The weigh-in day and data recording will be handled only by specific SCYR Weight Program Officers.  These Officers are the SCYR Board of Directors, SCYR staff, and other designated officials for the program -- all of whom will be made public prior to the weigh-in.  All weigh-ins will occur on a specific scale and in a specific standard (such as on level concrete, not on grass, etc.).

Game Day Procedures

As per normal policy, each club must provide a match report prior to the match. The host team is responsible for upholding SCYR Policies & Procedures. Those not obliging are curtailing the safety measures created for their athletes and subsequent sanctions will occur.

- Maximum Cap Waivers (for athletes beyond the age division’s weight limit, but have   approval to remain due to extenuating circumstances) and Older/Lighter Waivers (for athletes wishing to play down and meeting the requirements) are pre approved via submittal to SCYR.  If these waivers are not denoted, then they have not been approved and therefore not allowed to play. No exceptions! The Match Report will denote next to the athlete the approved “Older/Lighter Waiver” or “Max Cap Waiver”

- Any Match Report disputes must be noted on the Match Report with both coaches signatures and the referee.

- Any agreed upon match day changes that don’t break SCYR Policies, must be denoted on the Match Report with both coach’s signatures.

 - Any disputes that may occur must be submitted to SCYR via hosting club officials.

Club Reporting/Monitoring Procedures -

  • Host Clubs are responsible for checking Match Reports and ensuring player eligibility.
  • Players that are NOT on the Match Report MUST NOT be allowed to play.
  • If a players weight is disputed, a note should be made on the Match Report and turned into SCYR Staff so the appropriate action can be taken.