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Athlete Registration Information

How do I register my child to play youth and/or high school rugby in Southern California?

1.  Parents register their athletes with their club or high school team
           -  Each club/team runs registration differently, speak with your coach or club administrator for information on
              how to register with that team
           -  Clubs can choose to sign up for family registration with MatchApt, which enables parents to register their
              athletes directly into MatchApt 

2.  Clubs/High School teams register their players with SoCal Youth Rugby (SCYR).

3.  SCYR registers players with USA Rugby, which includes CIPP insurance, a secondary accident & liability insurance
     policy required to participate in rugby in the United States.

See below for more information on registering players with SCYR.  Please visit our Competition pages for more information on our various seasons and the eligibility requirements for each season.  

All coaches and administrators register directly with USA Rugby, please visit our Coaches  and Administrators pages for detailed information.

Key Registration Information

All athletes must be fully registered  and ID verified with SCYR in MatchApt before they participate in any matches, scrimmages or practices. 

Registration requirements:

-  A completed athlete profile in MatchApt with current parent contact information

-  Payment of SCYR & USAR registration fees for the current season (see Fees below)

-  Completed ID Verification process (see ID Verification page)

-  Relevant Documents signed by the parent/guardian (either signed electronically in MatchApt or uploaded to the athlete's MatchApt profile):

-  SCYR Athlete Participation Waiver & Photo/ID Release (see Resources below)

-  SCYR Parent/Athlete Concussion Education Form (see Concussion page)

- USAR U15 Waiver (if the athlete is an exceptional 14 year old training or playing with U18 team; see Club P&Ps)

*  Registration, ID verification and transfer requests must be made by 5pm Wednesday in order to be processed for matches that weekend. 

Video HELP with Match Apt Scheduling, Scores and Standings



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Playing Eligibility

Match Reports

All athletes must appear on the specific printed match report for that day/match.  Athletes who are not on the match report or who are marked as "Unregistered", "Pending/Unpaid", "No ID" or "ID Pending" are not permitted to play.  

           -  Playing an unregistered athlete is unsafe for everyone and the consequences for violations are severe (see the Culture and Discipline).

Medically Ineligible

Athletes who appear on the Match Report as "Medically Ineligible" are in SCYR's Concussion Protocol and are not permitted to play and cannot be placed on the Match Report.  See the Concussion page for more details and contact info.


To secure either of the following two "special situation" waivers, fill out the appropriate form (available in Resources below) and upload directly to the athlete's MatchApt profile.  Approved waivers will be marked as verified.

        - USAR U15 Waiver (if needed)

        - SCYR All-American Waiver (if needed, follow instructions on the form)

*  The Older/Lighter Waiver requirements were updated in 2016.  To see the details and apply, view the online application here:

         -  Older/Lighter waivers are intended for athletes who are significantly smaller than their peers; applications should not be common.  

2018-19 Athlete Registration Fees

All athletes must register through SCYR using the MatchApt system, which will cover the USA Rugby annual fee as well as the appropriate SCYR seasonal fee. 

All adults (coaches, referees, administrators) must register directly through USA Rugby, visit, click the red Register button and log in (if have registered in previous years) or create a new log in.



USA Rugby

Athlete Registration Fees (Annual)

SCYR Athlete Registration Fees

(Per Season/League)

    High School League Club League Summer 7s Series
Varsity & JV $35* $55 N/A N/A
U16 & U18 $35 N/A $55 $15
U14 $25 N/A $55 $10
U10 & U12 $25 N/A $45 $10
Under 8 (non-contact) $5 N/A $25 $10


*  High schools interested in trying to qualify for USA Rugby's Varsity Status ($250/team fee, must be an on-campus Varsity program, school must provide athlete insurance)