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Player Welfare Program (PWP)

Player Wellfare Program

SCYR’s Player Welfare Program (PWP) is designed to provide critical and on-going safety benefits to the youth and high school rugby players of Southern California.  This comprehensive program includes four critical, integrated benefits:

  • Access to Certified Athletic Trainers
  • Access to the industry-leading, online baseline concussion test (ImPACT testing)
  • Access to a mobile injury reporting system designed for youth sports in InjureFree
  • Access to the PWP Manager to assist parents and coaches with understanding and accessing the PWP benefits

Coaches and Administrators Responsibility: 

For the effectiveness of getting AT coverage, we need coaches and admins to provide time, date and location of the scheduled games at least two weeks in advance. If this information is not available to our allocators in a timely fashion, AT's are very difficult to schedule and your games are less likely to be covered. Best practice is once your home games have been input for the entire season by SCYR, fill in your details in and the allocators can work on the assignments. 



InjureFree plays a critical role in aiding the PWP program. InjureFree is an online injury reporting system that tracks all injury reports submitted by the ATCs covering SCYR matches.  InjureFree was developed specifically for the care and protection of youth athletes and is fully compliant with all HIPAA and FERPA requirements protecting personal information. 

When an ATC tends to an SCYR athlete at a match, they will create an injury report in InjureFree that describes the injury, any actions taken by the ATC, and the ATC’s recommendations for the athlete and parent regarding further assessment or treatment of the injury.

If the injury is significant or involves concussion or suspected concussion, SCYR’s PWP Manager will contact the parent/guardian and the coach listed for the athlete in SCYR's registration system to confirm awareness of the injury and the ATC’s recommendations.   If the injury is a suspected concussion, the athlete will be automatically ineligible to play again until the full concussion protocol is completed and a doctor’s letter is submitted to the PWP Manager.  The parent/guardian will be able to retrieve their child’s injury report from within InjureFree, which they can print and/or send electronically to the physicians caring for their child’s injury.  The athlete’s injury report is completely protected and only the parent/guardian, the ATC who originally assessed the injury, the athlete’s coach and SCYR’s PWP Manager have access to the information. 

The use of the InjureFree system will allow SCYR to accumulate accurate aggregate injury data over time, resulting in improved safety policies for our athletes.

Athletic Trainer Coverage

SCYR works to provide Certified Athletic Trainers (ATCs) to contact matches/round robins that have been properly entered into MatchApt and that fall within that specific season (eg properly scheduled in-season friendlies are included).   Certified athletic trainers are medical professionals who specialize in the prevention, assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries and illnesses that occur in athletes.

The ATCs are there primarily to manage any injuries that happen during play.  They can tape as time permits, however, athletes/teams/clubs must provide their own tape.

One ATC will be assigned for each head-to-head match (e.g. high school 15s, club 15s ages U14 and up) and one ATC will be assigned to each official round-robin (eg U8/10/12, HS 7s Green Div round robins).  Each match must be listed in MatchAptThe cost of the athletic trainers assigned to properly scheduled matches is included in SCYR's registration fee.

Athletic trainers will be assigned to matches that have been properly entered into MatchApt - those assignments can be viewed on the Athletic Trainer page, Current Assignments tab.  Home Coaches must contact the assigned trainer on the Monday prior to the match to confirm time and location (see the Contact tab on the same Athletic Trainer page).  See the vital information on our Coach & Admin PWP Requirements page:

If you have a question about ATC assignments, contact:
Amanda Gonzalez, SCYR ATC Allocator:
Christine Mitchell, SCYR PWP Manager:      

Baseline Concussion Testing

SCYR has contracted with ImPACT, the most-widely used and most scientifically validated computerized concussion evaluation system available (and the first and only concussion assessment solution with FDA approval), to make online baseline concussion testing available to every athlete registered with SCYR (U10 and up).  The cost of the baseline test is included in the SCYR registration fee.  The ImPACT test is a tool that can be used by a trained healthcare professional to evaluate the severity of a head injury and to help determine when the athlete can safely return to play.  After taking the baseline test, an athlete’s parent/guardian will be able to make the test results available to medical providers of their choice, to assist in diagnosis and return to play decisions.

Coaches/Administrators can set up baseline testing sessions for their entire team, which is the most efficient means of getting their athletes tested.  All that is required is a quiet room with multiple computers with solid internet connection and external mouse (most schools will donate use of a classroom).  The coach or administrator will be trained as a test proctor. 

SCYR will also be setting up open "drop-in" community baseline testing sessions, where parents can drop their kids off to take the ~20 minute test at any point during the session.  Check back for those listings.

To schedule an ImPACT baseline testing session for your team, contact SCYR's PWP Manager, Christine Mitchell: 
Cell:     760-390-7903

PWP Manager

Christine is responsible for coordinating the PWP, including planning the baseline concussion testing sessions, providing support for parents/guardians/coaches/administrators on all elements of the PWP including direct contact and guidance for parents/guardians following significant injuries and suspected concussions, and managing the SCYR concussion protocol.

See Christine's bio here or contact her directly:
Cell:     760-390-7903