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Club Rugby

Club Rugby Overview

The Club competition is organized by age, beginning with the Under-8  non-contact division.  Contact (tackling) is introduced carefully and safely at the U10 level and continues up through the U18s.  U8 through U12 rugby is coed, while older ages are separated by gender.  All matches are scheduled for Saturday mornings before 11am whenever possible.

Our Club teams are listed on our Member Clubs page.

Interested in starting a new youth rugby Club?  Visit our Grow the Game page.

Club Rugby Structure

The co-ed U8, U10 and U12 ages and the Boys U14s compete from January to March.  The U8s and U10s from several clubs (usually three) will be scheduled at one site, while U12 and BU14 head-to-head matches will be paired together.  Whenever possible, all four ages will be scheduled at the same location.  In our Tri-Counties region, clubs will continue to schedule matches for the entire club (all ages) against an opponent on the same day.

The U8 & U10 ages introduce rugby and begin the process of developing skill and game knowledge, including an emphasis on safety in contact (U10). Scores are not tracked and standings are not kept.  The emphasis is on giving kids (and parents!) a very positive experience and nurturing their new love for the game and its unique culture.  Both ages play small-sided (from 7 to 10 athletes), shorter duration (30-40 minute games in 2 halves), smaller field games. 

The Coed U12s and U14 Boys, while still emphasizing safety, development of basic skills and love of the game, also introduce strategies and tactics and start to focus a little bit more on competition.  The U12s play 12-a-side in two 20-minute halves, while the BU14s play 15-a-side and two 25-minute halves. 

League scheduling will be structured to achieve twin end-goals:  that the schedules are set early and remain consistent and that the format is standardized so athletes/parents/coaches have a similar experience week to week.  To that end, U8 and U10 matches will be scheduled together (10:30a - 12:00p) with each team playing 1 match each plus a Barbarian match if time allows.  Overall time for U8 and U10 matches should be 1.5 hours only!  The League will schedule clubs based on geography and the host club will set the actual U8 and U10 individual match times (within the allotted window).  All teams are encouraged to play in the regional End of Season Tournaments.

U12 and BU14 matches will be scheduled together (9:00a - 11:00a, to allow BU14 to referee younger matches afterward) with each team playing 1 match (extras can play Barbarian if time allows).  The League will set the individual match schedule for the season and while results will be tracked by the league for End Of Season Tournament seeding purposes, no league points or standings will be published.  The End of Season Tournament is open to all U12 and BU14 teams but will crown a Champion only in the BU14 Advanced division.

The Girls competition is organized into U15 &  U18 age levels, with the competitive season running from March to May.  U15 will be 7's. U18 offers a 7's and a 15's division. 

Our Boys U16 and U18 ages also run from March to May and are each organized into Green and Gold Divisions playing 15-a-side rugby.  Teams must meet the specified requirements by the listed deadlines in order to qualify to compete in the Gold Division.  

A few key Club Rugby Regulations

The full regulations and requirements governing Club rugby are found in the current Club Rugby Policies & Procedures document, available below and on the Policies & Bylaws page.

While a few key regulations are noted below for quick reference purposes, club coaches and administrators are responsible for knowing and complying with the full set of regulations contained in the Club P&P's.

1.  All athletes of all ages are required to be registered and ID verified in Match Apt before playing in a match.  Teams playing an unregistered player face forfeits, disqualification from playoffs, probation and/or suspension.  Specific registration outlines by age are found in the Club P&P's  and registration help is found on the Registration page.

2.  Age eligibility is determined by the athlete's age on the previous August 31st.  For example, for the 2018-19 season, in order to play U12 an athlete must have been 11 or younger on August 31, 2018.

3.  No athlete may play league matches for more than one club during the competitive season.  An athlete who does so becomes ineligible and any future matches played will become forfeits.

4.  Athletes are prohibited from practicing or playing with a Club team while playing with their High School team during the High School season.  Athletes who do so will become ineligible for the remainder of their High School season.