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High School Rugby

High School Rugby Overview

Our High School season aligns with the CIF Winter season and runs from December through February.  All teams must be based at a core school and have, at minimum, an ASB rugby club on campus. 

SCYR High School matches are played on Friday nights whenever possible and are scheduled for Varsity (11th & 12th graders) and JV (9th and 10th graders).  While our High School divisions have traditionally played the 15s version of the game, there is a 7s pathway for teams working towards growing a 15s program and to accommodate smaller schools.

Our High School teams are listed on our High School Teams page.

Interested in starting a new High School team?  Visit our Grow the Game page.

2018/19 High School Rugby UPDATES

As rugby continues its tremendous growth spike from the youth to the professional level, Southern California Youth Rugby is flexing with the changing needs of our membership and athletes.  The 2018/19 High School season will soon get underway and the SCYR Competitions Committee and Board have updated the competition structure allowing for better growth of the game.

SCYR is currently updating the total High School Policies and Procedures, but in the interim, please review the specific changes to the U16/U18 high school competition structure. 

As California’s “hot bed” of rugby passion, play, and development, SCYR is proud to lead these focused arenas for change.

2018/19 High School Rugby Structure

See link above for CHANGES to the 2018/19 HS Competition Structure.

Boys High School Divisions:

  • Red Division (15s)
    • CIF-compliant and single school
    • Varsity & JV with Varsity Championship
    • Conferences in San Diego and Los Angeles
  • White Division (15s)
    • Minimum 66% from core school
    • Varsity & JV with Varsity Championship
    • San Diego, Orange County, and LA conferences
  • Green Division (7s)
    • For new and/or small programs without the numbers to compete in a 15s league
    • Weekly Series Tournament structure culminating in Championship Tournament

Girls High School Divisions:

  • Green Division (7s)
    • A competitive division in 7s Series style, with tournaments on Friday nights in January
    • Competitive Championship with Boys Gold 7s in February
  • Red Division (15s)
    • Mirrors Boys CIF-compliant division 
    • 2018-19 season to run January and February, with Championship in February with Boys Red & White