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High School Rugby

High School Rugby Overview

Our High School season aligns with the CIF Winter season and runs from December through February.  All teams must be based at a core school and have, at minimum, an ASB rugby club on campus. 

SCYR High School matches are played on Friday nights whenever possible and are scheduled for Varsity (11th & 12th graders) and JV (9th and 10th graders).  While our High School divisions have traditionally played the 15s version of the game, a new 7s pathway to accommodate new teams working towards growing a 15s program and smaller schools lacking the numbers needed to compete in our 15s leagues was piloted in 2015-16 and will enter it's second full competitive division in 2017-18.

Our High School teams are listed on our High School Teams page.

Interested in starting a new High School team?  Visit our Grow the Game page.

High School Rugby Structure

We have four Boys High School Divisions:

  • Red Division (15s)
    • CIF-compliant and single school
    • Varsity & JV with Varsity Championship
    • Conferences in San Diego and Los Angeles
  • White Division (15s)
    • Minimum 75% from core school
    • Varsity & JV with Varsity Championship
    • San Diego, Orange County, and LA conferences
  • Blue Division (15s)
    • New programs, minimum 60% from core school
    • Varsity & JV, no Championship
    • 3 years maximum in Blue Division (must move up to White Division)
    • Currently in San Diego region only (with a few OC schools)
  • Green Division (7s)
    • Pilot program in 2015-16, Competitive division since 2016-17
    • For new and/or small programs without the numbers to compete in a 15s league
    • Weekly Series Tournament structure culminating in Championship Tournament


In 2017-18 we will have two Girls High School Divisions:

  • Green Division (7s)
    • Piloted in 2015-16 in San Diego
    • Expanded to two conferences in 2016-17:  San Diego and Los Angeles
    • A competitive division in 7s Series style, with tournaments on Friday nights in January, with a Novice division, added in 2016-17
    • Competitive Championship with Boys Green in Feb.
  • Red Division (15s)
    • New division mirroring Boys CIF-compliant division to start in 2017-18 in San Diego
    • 2017-18 season to run January and February, with Championship in Feb with Boys Red & White

High School Rugby Regulations

The full regulations and requirements governing High School rugby are found in the current High School Policies & Procedures document, available below and on the Policies & Documents page.

While a few key regulations are noted below for quick reference purposes, high school coaches, athletes and administrators are responsible for knowing and complying with the full set of regulations contained in the HS P&P's.

1. All High School student-athletes are required to be fully registered and ID verified in MatchApt before playing in a match.  Teams playing an unregistered and/or unverified player face forfeits, disqualification from playoffs, probation and/or suspension.  Specific registration requirements are found in the High School P&P's below and registration help is found on the Registration page.

2.  High school student-athletes must be age 18 or younger on August 31 prior to the season (i.e. U19) AND must be full-time high school students. 

3.  Varsity is for 11th and 12th graders.  Exceptional sophomores or freshmen who are physically and emotionally capable may play Varsity with written consent from their parent/guardian, kept on file by the coach.  The standard minimum age for Varsity is 15.  14-year-old sophomores or freshment may only play in Varsity games with a signed USA Rugby U15 High School Waiver submitted to SCYR, available on the Policies & Documents page.  13 year olds are prohibited from playing Varsity.

4.  JV is for 9th and 10th graders.  No seniors may play JV.  Up to five juniors brand new to the game may play JV, with consent from the opposing coach before the match (consent may be revoked if an athlete is dominating).

5.  Student-athletes must compete with their own high school team.  There are specific criteria for determining the correct school to play with if an athlete's high school does not yet have a rugby team - see details in the HS P&Ps, including sanctions for playing an ineligible athlete.  ALL White, Blue and Green Division Head Coaches are REQUIRED to submit the Non-Core School Vetting Form to VERIFY that ALL athletes not attending the Core school are actually eligible to play with their program.  The form must be submitted for every non-Core school athlete before they play a match:

6.  Student-athletes are prohibited from playing with any other rugby teams (club, all-star, traveling, etc.) during the High School season or they become ineligible for the remainder of the High School season.

Again, full details, including more information on each of these regulations, are found in the full High School P&P's.