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The second most popular sport in the world, rugby is exploding onto the consciousness of mainstream Americans following the sport's re-introduction to the Olympics in Rio in 2016.  Did you know that the USA was the long-time reigning Olympic champion, having won gold medals in 1920 and 1924?  Here's video from the 1924 Gold medal game!

Long a hotbed of rugby passion and excellence, Southern California is the  largest youth & high school SRO (State Rugby Organization) in the country and we continue to experience rapid growth, with new members, new high school teams and new clubs joining us every year.  We are committed to making rugby fun, safe and available to every child in Southern California - come join us!

SCYR runs an abundance of different leagues and codes (15s and 7s) throughout the year, from San Luis Obispo down to San Diego and points east.

Our High School league aligns with the CIF Winter season and runs from December through February. 

Our Club leagues serve Under 8s to Under 18s and run from Jan/Feb through March/May, depending on the age.

The summer is filled with the SCYR Summer 7s Series and the opportunity for all kids to play 7s in a variety of tournaments around the region.

Check out each league's page for more details, including policies and regulations specific to each league.  To see our entire year in one view, check out our Annual Calendar below.

In addition, SCYR sanctions pre- and post-season tournaments, please see that page for instructions on how to apply to host a tournament as well as details about upcoming tournaments.

Finally, SCYR teams travel around the world to play other youth teams and we welcome teams visiting from around the US and the world.  Please visit our Tours page for more information on Inbound and Outbound Tour requirements.

Rugby Laws & Regulations

All current SCYR Policies & Procedures are found on our Policies, Documents, Bylaws and Minutes page.  Each League and initiative (e.g. Discipline, Safety, etc.) also has its specific P&Ps available directly on that page.

The game of rugby follows the laws set by World Rugby, the International Governing body.  The Laws of Rugby are available online, as a download and as iOS or Android apps.  USA Rugby, our National Governing Body, also sets a number of policies and regulations.  In some cases, SCYR has modified those policies to meet the needs of our members and our competitive structure and to ensure the health and well-being of our athletes.  SCYR's Youth Law Variations and Youth Law Variation Quick Guide are available below as well as on our Policies, Documents, Bylaws and Minutes page.