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Brock International Supports Player Welfare Program

05/13/2016, 4:00pm PDT

SCYR, Inc. and Brock International announce a partnership in support of SCYR's Player Welfare Program (PWP), a groundbreaking youth sports safety initiative.

SoCal Youth Rugby (SCYR, Inc.) and Brock International are pleased to announce a partnership in support of SCYR’s groundbreaking new youth sports safety initiative, the Player Welfare Program (PWP).  In view of the growing knowledge and understanding of vast number of injuries, including concussions, that go undiagnosed and unreported in youth sports, SCYR, the governing body for youth and high school rugby in Southern California, has taken a giant leap forward towards the protection of it’s 5,000 registered athletes.

The Player Welfare Program (PWP), implemented in November of 2015, is an innovative approach integrating the delivery and supporting systems of four critical safety benefits:  certified athletic trainers at all properly scheduled matches, free baseline concussion testing with the industry-leading ImPACT testing system, integration of a class-leading mobile injury reporting system designed specifically for youth sports (InjureFree), and an SCYR staff member to assist parents and coaches with understanding and accessing the PWP benefits.

As a vocal and ardent supporter of improved safety in youth sports, Brock International’s mission aligns closely with SCYR’s Player Welfare Program.  As a manufacturer of safety base systems for synthetic turf sports fields, Brock products contribute greatly to ensuring that young athletes are playing sports on fields designed to reduce the risk of head injuries to the greatest degree possible.  “SCYR’s Player Welfare Program uniquely combines a number of significant elements that together create a truly ground-breaking athlete safety program,” commented Brock CEO Dan Sawyer.  “Brock applauds this kind of creative thinking aimed at improving the safety of youth sports and is pleased to partner with SoCal Youth Rugby in support of their new Player Welfare Program.”

“We wanted to take a quantum leap forward,” said SCYR Executive Director Alexandra Williams, “to truly change the safety paradigm in youth sports.  Our partnership with Brock International provides critical support to the implementation of the PWP and greatly benefits our athletes, much as Brock's products provide critical safety features for artificial turf fields, which are increasingly installed by schools and parks and used by youth sport teams across Southern California."

The rollout of the integrated elements of the PWP have enabled SCYR to:

-  Provide certified medical professionals (ATCs) to assess and tend to injuries on the pitch at 800+ matches per year 

-  Facilitate the opportunity for every athlete to complete a baseline concussion test

-  Track injury data and implement improved medical and safety policies based on actual incidence of specific injuries

-  Implement a Concussion Protocol that identifies and tracks suspected concussions and ensures return only after specific requirements have been met

-  Directly support parents and coaches via a PWP Manager staff position as they navigate the requirements and benefits of the program

Although the program has only been in place for six months, the results have been overwhelmingly positive and have dramatically increased the overall safety of the game of youth rugby in Southern California.  With regard to head injuries alone, over 140 suspected concussions have been identified in that time, with 10% being cleared by physicians as not having been concussions and 90% completing SCYR’s Concussion protocol, which includes two weeks of rest followed by a 4-stage Graduated Return to Play (GRTP) process and a physician’s clearance letter.  SCYR’s integration of software systems requires that athletes with suspected concussions or diagnosed concussions may not be placed on match rosters by coaches until they have completed the protocol, thus greatly improving player welfare.

More information about SoCal Youth Rugby and the Player Welfare Program can be found at:

More information about Brock International and their emphasis on safety is available on their website:

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