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ID Verification

Reminder:  All athletes must be fully and completely registered and ID Verified with SCYR in MatchApt before they participate in any practices, scrimmages or matches.

Our Registration Info page reviews the entire Registration process and requirements, this page covers the specific requirements for the ID Verification portion of the registration process.

1.  ID Verification is achieved by:

  1. Uploading the required items (listed below) to the player’s profile in MatchApt
  2. Requesting ID verification in MatchApt (in Admin/ID or within the player’s profile)

2.  Items required for ID Verification:

  1. Club League - Under age 14:  Digital headshot photo and Proof of Age
  2. Club League - Age 14 and older:  Digital photo, Proof of Age/Legal Residence AND Photo ID
  3. High School League:  Digital photo, Proof of Age AND Current School ID showing school and grade

3.  Digital headshot photo must be current and follow the explicit ID Photo guidelines listed below

4.  Acceptable documents to prove age/DOB include: birth certificate, passport or government issued ID, see Document Guidelines below

5.  The Photo ID (club league) must closely resemble the headshot photo provided and must be an electronic copy (scan) of one of the following:  Driver’s License, Passport (picture page), Student ID, State ID Card

  1. For purposes of upholding the foreign player eligibility requirements set by USA Rugby regulations, clubs may be required to provide electronic copies of documents of residency (or otherwise) for any player if requested by SCYR. Any player not a US resident must be identified as such before application for ID verification.

6.  The School ID (high school league) must be from the current school year and must list the school name and the student's grade.

  1. Alternatively, instead of uploading individual school IDs for each student, high school coaches may submit a certified roster from the school registrar (or other school official) listing name, grade and birth-date for each student on the roster.  These should be emailed to

7.  Coaches/Administrators must register athletes and request verification by Wednesday of any given week to ensure be processed for matches that weekend.

8.  The ID Verification process is finished only when the ID Application has been received and all required elements are approved (e.g. nothing is rejected or marked as deficient).

ID Photo Guidelines for MatchApt


  • Photo must be in color and not copied/scanned from other documents
  • Photo must be in focus and well-lit (e.g. no shadows)
  • Head must be positioned directly facing the camera
  • Photo must capture from slightly above top of hair to middle of chest (i.e. head and shoulders must be shown; full body photos will be rejected)
  • Eyes must be open and looking at the camera
  • No inappropriate facial expressions or gestures
  • Background must be plain white or off-white, black background is NOT acceptable
  • Eyeglasses must NOT be worn
  • Headcoverings must NOT be worn (except for religious reasons) i.e. no hats, no scrumcaps, etc.
  • DO NOT CROP or REDUCE the photo size to less than about 1024 X 1024 pixels.

Warning: If your photo is rejected you will have a limited opportunity to resubmit the photo before the application is rejected and the player is ineligible for matches.

Photo examples


ID Document Guidelines for MatchApt (formerly CMS)


  • Documents must be large enough to be clearly legible before being uploaded
  • If a document meets more than one of the requirements (e.g. DOB and school grade), it only needs to be uploaded in the Age Proof field and not the School ID/Grade Proof field as well (for High School athletes)
  • Documents can be JPG, PNG, or PDF formats