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Rugby in the Olympics!

Rugby 7's will return to the Olympic Games beginning in Rio de Janeiro 2016.

Your child is the right age to represent the USA in Olympic Rugby in 2016 or 2020.

The USA Eagles National Team is the reigning Olympic Champion (1920, 1924).

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SCYR Playoffs

SCYR has announced the Club Playoff structure and dates, details are below. All Finals will be played at a single location on May 10, stay tuned for a venue announcement coming soon.

Reminder: Athletes may play for ONLY one team on their club during the playoffs. For example, an athlete who is rostered with the Girls U18s team MAY NOT compete with the Girls U15s team if the U18s team is knocked out of playoffs; similarly, a Boys U16 athlete MAY NOT compete with the Boys U18 team as well. Once an athlete is rostered with a particular team in a playoff match, they may ONLY play for that team throughout the duration of the playoffs.

For BOYS U14, U16, U18:
Top two teams from each conference (Tri-Counties, North, Central, South) advance. First team in each conference will play at home for quarterfinals; second team will travel. Teams will be seeded 1-8 after league play is finished (likely Sunday, April 20th). No teams from same conference will meet in the quarterfinals (which means 5-8 seeding may be adjusted accordingly). For seeding, league points will be prorated to equalize conferences that played different numbers of matches.

Apr 26 - quarterfinals
May 3 - semifinals (higher seed hosts)
May 10 - championship (neutral location)

For GIRLS U15:
May 10 - Finals - Seeds #1 and #2 play each other

For GIRLS U18:
April 26 - Gold Division Semi-Finals (1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3) and Green Division Semi-Finals (1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3)
May 10 - Gold Division Final and Green Division Final


Youth rugby is a process of developing rugby players from kindergarten through high school players. It involves a pathway of development from small 7 a side non-contact "touch" rugby for young players, through to full 15 a side contact rugby for high school level teams. Youth rugby is for both boys and girls. Southern California Youth Rugby offers programs for all ages and all levels of play. Come give it a TRY!


The main reason to play youth rugby is because it is FUN!
Running, kicking, passing, and teamwork are a few of the things you will experience in this fast growing sport.
It requires lots of energy and it teaches children to think on their feet by playing a game that does not stop for time outs or breaks in play.
Youth rugby also builds strong self confidence and camaraderie by participating in a sport where sportsmanship is not just a word but is embraced and expected by the sport worldwide.